Ammon Nadir

Protector and Guardian, Ammon goes far out of his way to help his friends in whatever way he can.


Name: Ammon Nadir

Age: 30

Pantheon: Presjdet (Egyptian)

God: Anubis

Concept: Guardian

Nature: Gallant

Virtues: Duty, ?, ?, ?

Stats: Will fill in later…


  • Ankh – ?
  • Egyptian Dual Axe – ?


  • Vigil Brand (guardian)
  • Ward (guardian)
  • Sky’s Grace (sky)
  • Winds Freedom (sky)
  • Blessing of Bravery (war)

Demeanor: Quiet, Reserved, Empathetic, Strong, Confident, Trustworthy. A true protector, Ammon views Scions as a whole in their original light: as Champions and Saviors of humanity. His number one concern is to protect those in need of or deserving of his help (innocent civilians, his Band, anyone he considers a friend, etc). Sometimes this over-zealous nature can conflict with less reputable Scions ideals. Generally calm and rational, his anger flares when anyone or anything endangers his friends.

Ammon Nadir

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