Angelique Lilith Rizai

Psychology, PhD currently lecturing at Penn State and a Dominatrix that travels between State College, Philadelphia, and NYC.



Calling: Psychology, PhD (Lecturer), Dominatrix
Nature: Autocrat
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
God: Zeus


Age: 30
Hair: Blue Black
Eyes: Sapphire
Sex: Female
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: USA
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
General Appearance:

  • Figure: tall, lean, slightly curvy, muscular (like a dancer)
  • Hair: Slightly wavy, falls to mid-back, worn loose
  • Clothes: Black leather and boots. All her clothes are leather >95% of the time.
    Most of the time she wear a skin-tight fitted cat suit (either with a full top partially unzipped or a sleeveless style, depending on the time of year). Rarely she may also wear pants and a vest, or a short skirt and corset top (when dancing), tall leather boots w/ steal toes, and a leather jacket lined with Kevlar. She does actually own some “normal” clothes, but despises wearing them and will only do so if the truly situation demands it. She prefers to just be herself.

Here is a somewhat good picture of how I picture Angelique. She is taller and a little leaner, but you get the idea.


   Strength3 + 1 Epic    Charisma5 + 1 Epic    Perception3   
   Dexterity4 + 3 Epic    Manipulation3 + 1 Epic    Intelligence4 + 2 Epic   
   Stamina2 + 1 Epic    Appearance3 + 1 Epic    Wits2   


   Academics 3    Empathy 3          Melee 4 + 1 (Arete)         
   Art 1    Integrity 4    Occult 3   
    (Dance)    Medicine 2      Presence 4     
   Athletics3       Science2   
   Brawl1       Stealth1   
   Command 4         


  • Black titanium bracelet on her left wrist: Crafted by Hephaestus at Zeus’s request. It has three symbols etched into it’s surface. From left to right: two torches (symbol of the goddess Hecate, goddess of magic and crossroads), a lightning bolt (symbol of Zeus and sky), and the Greek alchemical symbol “Essentia” (symbol of the base essence of all things; it also happens to be the MtA symbol for Prime). The bracelet cannot be removed (or at least Angelique doesn’t know how to do so). It appears to absorb light somewhat, but generally is wrapped in blue/white electricity when she’s using ‘Storm Augmentation’. Effect: Access to Sky, Magic, and Psychopomp purviews. (3 Purview relic)
  • Black titanium bracelet on her right wrist: It is identical to the above, which the exception of having the word Δύναμη (Greek word for strength) etched into it. Effect: Adds Legend to Strength. (3 Dot Item Enhancement relic)
  • Whip: A red and black bull whip approximately 12 ft long with several razor sharp fléchettes on the end. It can shape change into a small red and black braided rod about 1/3 of an inch thick and 2 inches long that has a braided loop around her right wrist. When using the whip, she generally uses ‘Storm Augmentation’ to run blue/white lightning down it. At a distance, the lightning continues beyond the whip at her target up to 20yds. She is also very accurate with the whip and it’s familiarity the magic it contains increases her accuracy on melee attacks even more so. Effect: Shape Change, Distance Strike, and adds Legend to Dex + Melee. (1 dot Item Enhancement and 2 Unique Powers relic)
  • Pendant: A platinum lightning bolt that she wears on a necklace that hangs slightly above the curve of her breasts. To her lightning evokes cutting through things. In this case cutting through lies and innuendo to the truth. Effect: Adds Legend to Perc + Empathy.


Holy Bound (Str)
Cat’s Grace (Dex)
Omnidexterity (Dex)
Untouchable Opponent (Dex)
Self-Healing (Sta)
Natural Leader (Cha)
Overt Order (Man)
Center of Attention (App)
Fast-Learner (Int)
Perfect Memory (Int)


Expression 3
Intellect 4
Valor 1
Vengeance 1

Legend – 4

Willpower – 7

Combat, Soak, and Movement

Dodge DV / Parry DV / Join Battle – 9(12) / 8 / 6
Bashing / Lethal / Aggravated – 3 / 2 / 1 + 2 / 2 / 2 armor (Kevlar jacket) => 5 / 4 / 3
Move / Dash / Jump – 10 / 16 / 12/24



Biography will be added when I finish it, it’s kind of long and taking time.

Angelique Lilith Rizai

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