Cao Lien-hua

Sweet and gentle, smart and determined, a true Scion of Guan Yin.


Pantheon- The Celestial Bureaucracy
Nature- Caregiver
Virtues- Duty, Harmony, Intellect, Valor


Lien-hua was raised in a series of humanitarian camps throughout the world. Her father Cao Shen(“John” to most people) was a researcher with the World Health Organization but didn’t want to leave her with relatives. He felt it was hard enough on her not having a mother around. No matter how busy he was, John always made time for his daughter, not that she ever made any demands of his time.

She was a sunny, easy-going child. As a baby, her father’s co-workers called her the “little Buddha”, because she was so chubby and serene. Her father always smiled sadly when anyone would call her that. Fortunately for Lien-hua, that nickname didn’t stick. Her father much preferred her given name, which means Lotus Flower, and so did she.

They moved around a lot during her childhood, but John made sure that Lien-hua never fell behind in her studies. Even as a little girl, he treated her with the same consideration as he did his co-workers. Where most kids her age were reading Nancy Drew and watching The Muppets, Lien-hua was studying cells under her first microscope.

Despite her lack of “formal” schooling, Lien-hua had no trouble qualifying for early admission to college. She graduated with top honors shortly before her 20th birthday. The night of her graduation, Lien-hua dreamed of her mother, who congratulated her on her achievements and enlightened her to her true nature as a Scion. The next morning, Lien-hua woke with a new sense of purpose. She sought out an old man that her mother had told her to visit.

The old man greeted her warmly, told her that he was Jin, and that her mother had charged him with endowing her with a pair of Relics to help her in her future work. They were to be a pair of Red Lotus tattoos-symbols of care and compassion. The process was a long and painful one, as each tattoo was done by hand, in the old style. Each was also accompanied by long recitations of prayer. But finally, after almost 12 hours, they were completed.

After her Visitation, Lien-hua continued on with her plans for graduate school, though with a greater sense of purpose. She had gotten her Bachelor’s degree in microbiology, and had gone on to medical school. Fortunately for her, Guan Yin had assigned to her a Guide-one Zhang Yi, a former minor functionary of the now disbanded Ministry of Polio. With the aid of Zhang Yi and her own intelligence and determination, Lien-hua made a name for herself in medical school. Her graduate thesis was printed in a few different publications on infectious diseases, and was later expanded into a book, co-authored by her adviser.

These days, Lien-hua follows in her father’s footsteps, working for the WHO around the world. She works to find cures to new strains of disease and to track down strange sources of infection. Her most recent posting before being called to State College was the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory at Boston College, where she was helping set up their new bio safety-level-4 facility.

She is a pretty girl, with such an air of serenity and good will that it is hard not to like her. Gentle as she is pretty, Lien-hua is a staunch vegetarian and pacifist.

Since coming to State College, she has joined the local Scion community in attempting to find a cure for the supernatural malady that is affecting their leader, the Lion. Along with John Henry Harrison, Shiro Tanizaki, a young man she only knows as Jack, her countryman Lao Zhi(sp?), and a few others, Lien-hua traveled to Pittsburgh on the first leg of a journey to retrieve the Legendary Artifact-the Scalpel of Hippocrates. Though she would never admit it to others, the mere thought of beholding that sacred object filled her heart with a pride and longing that ran so counter to the ideals she strives to live by that it threw her confidence in herself for a loop.

The journey was fantastical, and fraught with peril, leading Lien-hua and her companions to realms she would never have dreamed of visiting. Not yet over, it has caused her to doubt herself time and again, and left her with a deep, abiding respect for those others that have stood with her along the way that is laced with threads of genuine affection, more so than she has ever felt anyone other than her blood kin.

Cao Lien-hua

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