Derrick Rose

A child of Aphrodite called towards spreading the message of the healing power of love, mending the world's broken bodies with his love of medicine and its hearts with his music.


Name: Derrick Rose

Age: 23

Pantheon: Dodekatheon

God: Aphrodite

Concept: Spreader of Love, Healer of Souls

Nature: Caregiver

Virtues: Expression, Harmony, ,

Stats: Comming Soon


•Guitar of Aphrodite
•Shape-shifting Sword
•Armor of the Golden One
•Ring of Healing


•Health 1, 3
•Arete 3 (Music)
•Arete 2 (Medicine)
•Music 2


Healing both the bodies and souls of the world, Derrick Rose a son of Aphrodite is a pre-medical student and lead guitarist and singer of the band Morning Star. Creating oracular works of magic and wonderment, Derrick and his fellow musicians take their listeners on auditorial adventures through wondrous planes of consciousness to the seat of their souls. In his free time, Derrick aids his fellow offspring of the Divine in protecting the citizens of central Pennsylvania and beyond smiting Titan Spawn and assholes alike. With his mighty guitar and winged armor of gold, reminiscent of the Zeppelin Icarus, Derrick descends from on high sending forth notes from his musical brush to paint the world with the dreams of his mother, The Morning Star.

Derrick Rose

Scion:Lions of War DerrickRose