Emma Gardner

Art Theif from the 1940s who looks on stealing art in the 21st century as a challenge


Str – 3 + 2E
Dex – 5 + 3E
Stam – 3 + 2E
Cha – 3
Manip – 2
Appear – 2
Perc – 4 + 3E
Int – 3
Wits 3 + 1E

Academics – 3
Athletics – 4
Awareness – 4
Brawl – 1
Empathy – 3
Fortitude – 1
Integrity – 2
Investigation – 1
Larceny – 4
Melee – 4
Occult – 2
Presence – 3
Stealth – 4
Survival – 2

Knacks – Holy Bound, Uplifting Might, Untouchable Opponent, Omnidexterity, Microscopic Precision, Self-Healing, Damage Conversion, Subliminal Warning, Scent the Divine, Opening Gambit, In Your Dreams

Boons – Smoking Mirror, Phase Cloak (Moon), Night Eyes (Darkness)

Birthrights – 2 ointment jars, Khopesh

Willpower – 6

Virtues – Conviction 2, Harmony 3, Order 1, Piety 3

Legend – 4


Age: 27
Birthdate: April 15, 1915 (Portsmouth, UK)
Patron: Bastet
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale and British, but tans better than most Brits
Height: 5’5"
Weight 125 lbs
Family: Paul and Elizabeth Gardner (parents), Mary and Henry (siblings)

At eighteen Emma became an art thief and ended up working with several big name thieves in the 1930s. Her parents were upset with her choice of professions and wanted her to marry, and after an argument about it, her entire family was killed in the German bombing of Portsmouth. Bastet told Emma that she needed to go join the war effort. After securing her monetary assets, she joined the scion war effort and through a complicated series of event ended up traveling through time to the 21st century. She spent a month learning about new security technology and recovering and selling some of her stash to make money and set herself up as a 21st century art thief. She does spend some time traveling to the big cities to trade/sell/work, and she hangs out in State College helping the Scions around here and she has signed up to take some continuing education classes in electrical and computer engineering in Fall 2011.

Emma Gardner

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