Jack Greyson


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Name: James Christopher Greyson (“Jack”)
Height: 5’8" (w/o hair)
Weight: 133 lb.
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown, dyed black
Birth date: March 5, 1989
Son of: Baron Samedi of the Loa

When Janet DeLaney, an undergrad in religious studies at the time, discovered she was pregnant, it came as a shock. It was June, and she and her boyfriend Chris Greyson hadn’t had sex in weeks, since he was interning at a law firm in Chicago and she was minding their apartment in downtown State College, Pennsylvania. The solution to this riddle hit her like a brick wall. There had been another…

Janet’s best friend Candice had graduated that May, and demanded a trip with a group of friends down to New Orleans. The second night into the week-long vacation found Janet heavily intoxicated and in the arms of a man whose name she had long forgotten. That man, it seemed, was the father. Janet had told no one of the encounter, and intended to keep it that way. She quickly called her boyfriend and told him the news, that she was pregnant with his child. She knew it sounded unlikely, but it was better than the truth.

A small wedding was hastily held, since Christopher, a man of tradition, would not tolerate the child being born out of wedlock. Janet halted her education to have her son, but never continued with it afterwards, as she fell in love with the responsibilities of motherhood. Chris went on to be a successful lawyer in the State College area, where the two had decided it would be best to settle down.

Jack grew up with a sinking suspicion his father didn’t like him. He had no idea what would have caused this, or why whenever he asked about his parent’s engagement, the subject was quickly changed. He concluded early on that there must be something wrong with him. This conclusion was further supported when, on June 20, 1994, his younger half-sister Melissa was born. Both of his parents seemed to care much more for her than they ever had for him. This led to years of hatred on Jack’s part, in spite of his sister’s attempts to get close to her brother.

On Jack’s 15th birthday, all was revealed when Jack learned of the true nature of his birth from his actual father, Baron Samedi. Jack confronted his parents, and all hell broke loose in the Greyson home. His parents frowned upon divorce, so rather than splitting, they fought continuously for days, both with each other and with Jack. This solidified Jack’s hatred for his parents, and surprisingly brought him closer to his half-sister, who was the only one who didn’t blame him for what he was, something that wasn’t his fault. Jack came to care very deeply for Melissa, though he wasn’t always willing to admit it.

Jack soon came to pride himself on his deviance. His philosophy was that if his parents were going to hate him, he might as well give them a good reason. Frequent trouble in school resulted in the principal insisting to his parents that he be sent to counseling. Jack began sessions with Dr. Shapiro, a local psychologist. After several sessions of not cooperating, Jack finally cracked and explained the whole story, leaving out the part about being half-god, naturally. Dr. Shapiro turned out to be the second person in Jack’s life who accepted him, inspiring Jack to pursue an education, and perhaps even a career with time, in psychology. He is presently enrolled in Penn State as an undergrad, where he makes his way with barely passing grades towards his goal. He heard rumors that there were others like him – “Scions,” as they called themselves – in the area. He had always rejected his “calling,” (though he had accepted the relic necklace from Baron Samedi, the only present a father of any kind had ever given him) but figured maybe he should give them a chance. While he still isn’t sure if this was the right decision, Jack continues to meet with the other Scions and help them when he can.

Jack Greyson

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