Rosalinde Donnelly

Dexterous, strong, and charismatic warrior from a theatrical and acrobatic background. She prides herself in being easy-going, upbeat, and unflappable. She easily acclimates to new environments and challenges.


Rosalinde’s mother, Sophie, was born and raised in the suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to proud Irish parents. Sophie longed to visit the big city and ran away from home after her high school graduation. It was the mid-seventies when she hitchhiked her way to Montreal, 125 miles away. After a few weeks there, Sophie met a handsome, flirtatious boy at the youth hostel where she was sleeping. He was of obvious Irish heritage, rare in the extremely French city, and he made her feel really happy for the first time since she’d left her parents. He was creative, artistic, and loved the theater. He showed her all of the best places in Montreal to see free shows and enriched her in the local theater scene.

Sophie soon found herself with child, at which point her new “boyfriend” revealed the truth—that he was a god from Irish legend. The god Lugh revealed himself to her, and with brightness, he spoke.

“My daughter,” he said, “will be strong and talented, and my blessings will follow her.”

Rosalinde was born eight months later, immersed in the theater scene of Montreal. Sophie was a responsible working mom by that point, working in a costume shop of a descent-sized theater. Rosalide grew up surrounded by art, culture, and talent. Her first gift from her father was at the age of 12. She received a pair of sharp daggers, which came with a tag that said, “To keep you powerful.” That same year, she saw her first show of Cirque du Soleil, Saltimbanco. The show focused on bringing cultures together and working together despite differences.

At the age of 18, Rosalinde received her second gift. They were soft leather knee boots, which came with a tag that said, “To keep you balanced.” Rosalinde wore those boots to her audition for Varekai, her first with Cirque du Soleil. She toured throughout Canada with Varekai until 2006. She took a break in the Montreal area to do some local theater until she started to learn the show Alegria for a 2009 Arena tour. When the tour stopped in State College, Rosalinde felt a strange calling to the town that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. When the tour moved on to their next show in October 2009, Rosalinde stayed behind in State College. She worked part-time at Eisenhower Auditorium, crashing on various couches, until she discovered why she was drawn to the area: a very large concentration of Scions.

Rosalinde Donnelly

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