Shiro Tanizaki

Swordsman Defender of the People


Tanizaki Shiro
Calling: Shounen Action Hero
Nature: Gallant
Pantheon: Amatsukami
God: Amaterasu

Physical Stats:
Str: 4
-Epic xxx
Dex: 5
-Epic: xxx
Sta: 3
-Epic: xx

Social Stats:
Cha: 4
-Epic: xx
Man: 2
App: 3

Mental Stats:
Per: 3
-Epic: xx
Int: 2
Wit: 2
-Epic: x

Academics 3
Art (Sing): 2
Athletics: 3
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 1
Command: 3
Control (Car): 1
Empathy: 1
Fortitude: 2
Integrity: 3
Melee: 4
Occult: 2
Presence: 3

光の歌 (Hikari no Uta (Song of Light))(3 unique 1-dot powers): Shiro’s sword, given to him by his mother when he came of age. A blade of nearly unmatched sharpness, Hikari no Uta uses the katana template with three additional powers. First, the blade is sharp enough to cut air, or even the light itself, allowing Shiro to make attacks at ranges equal to his Legend x5 yards. Secondly, the sword is weighted ideally to Shiro’s hand, allowing easier use and adding his Legend to (Dex+Melee) rolls. Lastly, the blade is imbued with a blessing that Shiro may see when all other lights have failed him. The sword replicates the effects of the Darkness 1 Boon Night Eyes, allowing Shiro to see in the dark.

Taisho no Megatama (Commander’s Megatama)(2 purviews): A blue bracelet of megatama beads that Shiro received wrapped around the hilt of Hikari no Uta. On the largest bead is inscribed the kanji Tai and Sho, which together mean “Commander”. Usually, Shiro wears the bracelet on his left hand, and uses it to channel the Guardian and War purviews.

Atatsuki no Me (Dawn’s Eye)(2 purviews): A necklace with a small octagonal mirror hanging from it. Shiro awoke one day after defeating the Elder Skin Walker (See Season 1, Episode 8) to find the necklace in a package. The necklace allows him to channel the Sun and Sky purviews.

Ouji no Yoroi (Prince’s Armor): (-1 Mobility, 1 dot power): A set of samurai Yoroi armor Shiro received from his mother after showing up Apollo in the Panhellenic Games. The armor is usually disguised as Shiro’s leather coat, though in times of need, it transforms into armor to defend Shiro from harm.

Bomugami (Creature): A small spirit of an exploded bomb that follows Shiro around. He’s been around for, like, a MILLION bomb years. (Really about 6 months, human time.)

Hikari no Uta: Acc: 14 (3), Damage: 9 (3), Def: 1, Speed: 5

Ouji no Yoroi: 2L/4B, Mobility 0, Fatigue 1, Transforming.

Holy Bound
Holy Rampage
With Great Power
Cat’s Grace
Without a Trace
Lightning Sprinter
Untouchable Opponent
Damage Conversion
Self Healing
Raging Bull
Benefit of the Doubt
Inspirational Figure
Never Say Die
Subliminal Warning
Scent the Divine
Opening Gambit
The Real McCoy

Guardian: Vigil Brand (1)
Sky: Wind’s Freedom (2)
Sun: Penetrating Glare (1), Divine Radiance (2)
War: Blessing of Bravery (1), Warrior Ideal (3)

Valor: 4
Courage: 3
Loyalty: 1
Expression: 1

Willpower: 7

Dodge DV: 9 (12)
Parry DV: 7


Ouji no Yoroi: 4B/2L/0A

Legend 4
Legend Points: 16


Shiro Tanizaki
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Patron Deity: Amaterasu
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 167 lbs
Date of Birth: 11/23/1987
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Starred in: “The Final Countdown,” “Other Shoe Falls,” :World War What?” “Return of the Scions,” “The Halloween Special: Night of the Living Movies.” “Scions and the Quest for Awesome,” “No Rest for the Ridiculous,” “Nittany Lion’s Homecoming,” Sex, Drugs, and Nazis,"
Played By: C. Hayes

Born the son of up and coming Japanese musician Hiroto Tanizaki and the sun goddess Amaterasu, Shiro’s early life was hectic. He traveled with his father on tour, watching as his father grew from a talented yet unknown singer in a Tokyo band to one of Japan’s leading vocalists, now performing under the stage name Tetsuo. Hiroto still took time, however, to raise his son the best he could. As a boy, Shiro was raised on books and anime filled with stories of valor and heroism in the hopes that his son would take away from them the ideals of a hero.

On Shiro’s 16th birthday, his father took him aside and handed him a long, thin wrapped box.

“A present from your mother,” Hiroto said. “It arrived just the other day.”

Inside the box were three things. A small card with Shiro-kun written on the front lay on top of a marvelous sheathed sword with a set of beads wrapped around the hilt.

“Awesome!” Shiro said, picking up the sword. “Where is mom that she couldn’t give this is person? I mean, yeah, I know what you said about only meeting her once and all, but if she cared enough to send a gift, why didn’t she come to visit?”

“That’s not something I can easily explain…” Hiroto said. “The letter she sent should explain things better than I ever could.”

Shiro opened the envelope and withdrew a letter written in immaculate script.

_“Dear Shiro,
I am sorry I could not be there for you growing up, but I assure you there is a very good reason for this. Your father has probably told you that you were special, but probably not how special you are. You are the son of a god. Unfortunately, there is a war raging in the heavens, and I cannot come to see you come of age personally. However, I can still send you these gifts. These, Shiro, are your divine birthrights.

The sword is Hikari no Uta, a blade of unparalleled quality. In your hands, it will become an instrument of legend, able to cut the air itself with each swing. Additionally, it will light your way in dark places. The is a smith who one said that his swords could cut gods. This sword is our response.

The bracelet around the hilt is Taisho no Megatama, the beads of a commander. Wearing them will allow you to unleash your true potential as a leader.

It is your divine duty, Shiro, to protect those unable to protect themselves from the monsters of the world, eventually rising to fight with us in the battle for the entire universe. Remember, Shiro, that I love you, and await the day you rise to the legend set before you.

May the sun always light your path.
Your Loving Mother, Amaterasu._

“Is…Is this for real?” Shiro asked, looking at the letter again. As much as he wanted to say that is wasn’t true, a part of his brain still said it was.

“As far as I can tell, son.” Hiroto said, patting his son on the shoulder. “Your mother wanted me to raise you right. I hope I did well enough that you can succeed in this world. Try the sword if you’re still unsure.”

As Shiro picked up the sword, it seemed remarkably light in his hand. He swung the sword at a cheap flower vase in the room, watching as the flowers fell out of the vase, sliced apart by unseen force.

“Amazing…” Shiro said, looking in awe at the flowers on the ground.

Seven Years Later…

“And here I thought today would be simple.” Shiro thought to himself as he drove down the busy street. “Get some work done on my thesis, get some lunch with John, hang out, maybe play some video games, kick John’s ass at those games, check out the newest chapter of Twilight Angels, and get some sleep.” Sighing to himself, he glanced back to the large black man in the back seat. “Never works out the way we plan it, eh John?”

“Would it be any fun if it did?” the man responded. In his lap was an unconscious young Mexican girl, being tended to by the man, as well as by the dark haired girl in black sitting next to him.

“Got a point there, but still,” Shiro said, trying desperately to keep an eye on the road, “I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this.”

Shiro had moved to State College 5 years ago, working towards a degree in Comparative Literature and History. Better to at least know something about the creatures he would be facing before taking them on directly. Unfortunately for Shiro, Fate had intervened before he could finish his studies. At present, he was chasing an insane monster masquerading as a local leader of Scions. Her throwing a car full of innocents at the car Shiro was driving, however, had been the last straw.

“Jack, take the wheel.” Shiro said to the spiky-haired kid in the passenger seat. “This girl’s going down.” And with that, he jumped out of the car, pursuing the fleeing villain across the roofs of the cars as they barreled down the road.

Shiro Tanizaki

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