Van von Vonsteen

A rather intelligent graduate student


Notable stats:
-Intelligence 4 (effectively 8 with relic), 2 epics
-Occult 6

-Fast Learner
-Perfect memory
-Detect insincerity
-Instant Investigation
-Instant Assessment
-Night eyes
-Hornet’s Nest
-Unquiet Corpse
-Paralyzing Confusion
-Snake Skin
-Body Armor

Physical Appearance:
-Always seen wearing a lab coat and gloves, neither of which appear to be very clean…
-Has recently taken to smiling constantly, as if thinking of something funny.

Featured in:
-Season 2; episodes 1 – 4


A promising graduate student in the biology department, working toward obtaining a Doctorate.

Season 2; Episode 1: “Return of the Scions”
Van von Vonsteen was commissioned by the local law enforcement to help handle the chaotic state of the State College area. On the highway, he encounters a group of time-traveling Scions as they emerge from a bolt of lightning. After determining that they weren’t contributing to any criminal activity, Vonsteen allowed this group to join him as he continued his investigation at the local K-mart, where people had reportedly been receiving fake coupons for excessively large discounts and otherwise ridiculous offers.

Vonsteen, and company, found the offenders handing out these coupons in the parking lot. After a short exchange of questions directed at these people, they immediately ran away in all directions with abilities notably characteristic of scions. One was captured and interrogated in the back of Vonsteen’s car, but he was not forthcoming of any information.

Season 2; Episode 2: “The Halloween Special: Night of the Living Movies”
Van von Vonsteen received tickets to a Lovecraftian-horror-themed play at a local theater. As he attended the play, with other scions, he noticed that as the play progressed, a magical field of mind-altering influence emanated from the stage as the audience began to grow hysterical as the field enveloped them row by row. Eager to escape, Vonsteen attempted to jump out of his chair into the row behind him, which lead to the other audience members carrying him back into the field. In the confusion of resisting the magic field’s effects and fighting with the audience, Vonsteen kill a random person through an infection. To deal with these turns of events, Vonsteen quickly resurrected the dead audience member in the form of a zombie with the curous quality of always facing toward the stage. (Vonsteen affectionately named this new addition to the party, “Ted”) Before Vonsteen could take any more action, the other scions had stopped the play and it’s magical influence, causing the rest of the audience to pass out.

The source of the influential magic field was an ancient book carried by a cultist on stage. The cultist fanatically heralded the coming of “The Master” that night at the local library. After the group had tied up the cultist and removed his valuables, including the book and a library card, they all headed for the library.

Upon arriving at the local library, the group attempted to sneak inside together. Unfortunately, Vonsteen, being no good at being stealthy, accidentally tripped and knocked over a book shelf into the many other rows of bookshelves. Despite the resulting loud noise, no one came to greet the party. Shaking this off, Vonsteen then deduced that the cultist members had established a secret passage in the wall, which could be opened by swiping a member’s library card through the scanner at a computer. Vonsteen swiped the card, the wall opened up, and the group proceeded through the opening.

The passage was enveloped in a magical darkness, which blocked light sources (and night eyes) after 10 feet and rendered magnetic compasses useless (Ted’s head, while still facing toward the theater’s stage, was spinning wildly about). Upon reaching the outlet of the passage, Vonsteen hit is face on the backside of his fellow scion’s steed, causing him to shout an expletive in response. Looking around, Vonsteen found himself in a ritual chamber with 6 cultists at the center, surrounding a summoning portal, and all aware of the group’s presence due to Vonsteen’s exclaimation.

Fighting ensued; Vonsteen ordered Ted to attack, to which Ted tackled the nearest cultist into the portal, which sucked them both inside. Seemingly in response to this, a giant green finger began feeling its way out of the portal. After the rest of the cultists were being taken out by the rest of the group, Vonsteen made an Instant Assessment of the creature coming out of the portal to find it to be an indescribable horror of great size, hurting Vonsteen’s very mind in his effort to comprehend its existence.

Jezebelle, after struggling with herself over the influence of the book she received at the theater, read out a spell from it’s pages, causing the portal to close up, stopping the creature’s entrance into the world.

Season 2; Episode 3: “Scions and the Quest for Awesome”
Since his encounter with the horror attempting to make it’s way into the world, Van von Vonsteen has been exhausting every contact and lead to gain any information on the creature and the world it comes from, to no success. That is until he finds out that Jezebelle has plans to return the book, which she had picked up at the theater, to it’s owner who is only known as “The Librarian.” When the opportunity arose, Vonsteen volunteered, along with other scions, to help Jezebelle on her mission to return the book; his hopes being that he might find the information he sought at wherever it is that the book belonged.

After entering through doorway in the Patee Library to what seemed to be a lost world (the kind with dinosaurs) and navigating through a dangerous jungle, Vonsteen and company approached and entered an enormous structure. Inside this structure was a large collection of books along with their caretaker, The Librarian. As the rest of the group was occupied speaking with The Librarian, Vonsteen found the books with the information he sought. He opened one book carefully, but after reading some of its contents (and being told that he could not take out any books for study) he immediately used his power to instantly assess the information of the book and as much as twelve volumes of related material before one of his companions knocked him out in order to tear him away from his trance in order to save him from some danger he was unaware of.

Vonsteen awakes outside the Patee Library to find it in flames, barring access to the The Librarian’s books.

Season 2; Episode 4: TBA

Van von Vonsteen

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