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Scion: Lions of War is an American action role-playing game that uses the Scion setting (written by White-Wolf), started at the HUB in State College, PA. It debuted on September 26th, 2010 through the RPG-OPS gaming club, and is now a part of the clubs lineup. Originally written and directed by Brad Fox, but with a cast that grows monthly, the writing team has grown. Early on, Josh Antoline was added to the team, during the “The Halloween Special.” Ib Yucel joined the writers over the summer with the episode “World War What?” There were rumors that Dani Kaulakis will be joining the team after her involvement with the episode, “Return of the Scions.” Drew Bullard was signed on as an additional writer for the third and final season, but due to contract negotiations Drew was not a writer for the full season. Bryce replaced Drew after his involvement as a co-writer for the episode “No Strings to Hold Him Down.” Casey Hayes and Erika Maris has signed on as AST for select number of episodes for the third season.

The series takes place within modern day State College, PA. The heroes of the show have visited the surrounding areas, such as Bellefonte, Penn’s Caves, and Cooks Forest. Outside of the local area of State College, the show has paid a visit to World War II Germany. In the third season, the show ventured to more locations, such as London, Pittsburgh, and Japan. The cast and crew meet up at the HUB near the staircase, at 7 o’clock PM, then typically move on to Artist Alley in the HUB for showtime.

Show Lore

Over thousands of years ago, the Gods warred the Titans for control of Earth and its realms. It ended with the Gods victorious and the Titans with their allies imprisoned for what was believed to be an eternity. Eternity is a long time even amongst the Gods, the world expanded as did the number of Pantheons. Wars came and went. It was during World War 2 that an ancient evil almost forgotten was unleashed. It is true that the mortal battlefronts never touched the continental United States, it was a new battleground for the Titans. Pennsylvania saw the worst of the fight between the Gods and the Titans, known as ‘The Massacre of Light.’ It resulted in massive death tolls on both sides. It only ended with a reluctant treaty between both sides. It was decided that a being of the territory would be put in charge of keeping the peace, the Nittany Lion.

Cast of Characters

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Scion: Lions of War features a cast of characters that are the children of Gods. Gods in the sense of Zeus, Odin, Anubis, the Morrigan, etc. They represent a wide range of pantheons, such as the Dodekatheon (Greek), Celestial Bureaucracy (Chinese), and Hindu. The only pantheons that are not represented are the British and French Pantheons. A few Gods have multiple children within the show, Aphrodite, Apollo, Baron Samedi, Bastet, and the Morrigan.

Not all heroes necessarily follow completely in the steps of their divine parents. Their gods just simply give them what comes naturally to them, and they choose to walk a more difficult path. One thing they all have in common is they are on the path to Godhood, provided they survive long enough to get there. At this point, they are all known in their respective interests, whether it be fire-fighting, chemistry, detective work, MC-ing, etc.

I just saw a sign that said, ‘When was the last time you were a hero?’, my answer ‘Saturday…’ – Drew on his involvement in Scion

There is a large cast of characters within the show, and the writers work hard to continuously bring in new characters to fill out the shows ranks. It started with a small cast of 4 characters, now has grown to 32 (including guest stars). The writers have stressed that new characters are always welcome.


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Season 1

Main Article: Scion Season 1

Season 1 was a short season that consisted of 8 sessions that began on September 26th, 2009 and ended on April 24th, 2010. Every episode ran at 7 PM, with the exception of the 4th Episode, which ran at 2 PM.

A group of Scions (Children of Gods), team up to tackle compounding issues that threaten to swallow State College, PA whole. They battle Mannequins, a overgrown Fenris Pup, fiendish Succubi, and many others, while trying to save the lives of the innocents around them. During which, they come to the aid of their patron, the Nittany Lion and even help the trickster God, the Jack. Their greatest challenge comes from within, as they go up against the predatory Skin Walkers.

Season 2

Main Article: Scion Season 2

Season 2 has ended. It began on May 29th, 2010 and ended on April 9th, 2011.

The Scions having defeated the Elder Skin Walker (Chenox), the Scions found themselves in a Federal manhunt. To escape, they trusted a sorceress by the name of Nel. She tried to send them to Australia, but they ended up in Germany during World War II! While in the past, they fought magical tanks, drugged up Nazis, and giants. After winning a crucial battle for the Allies, they were sent back to the future by Nikola Tesla

Returning triumphant from the chaos that was World War 2, the group of heroes finds themselves out of the pan and into the fire, as they come back to town that has been torn to shreds by supernaturally empowered criminals. Not all is lost though, they were able to finally return one of their own to consciousness. During the course of the season, the Blades of the Morrigan were shattered, and the Nittany Lion has finally been cured of his paralysis. It has become apparent that you can’t keep a good Nazi down, as World War II spills into the present day with the return of Viktor.

The night was won through the blood, sweat, and magical antidote for the Ascension Drug. The Corporate Pantheon has been shattered, and the Nazi’s have been routed

Season 3

Main Article: Scion Season 3

It has been confirmed by the shows creator, Brad Fox, that Scion: Lions of War will return for another action-packed season. Season 3 is currently running and began on June 11th, 2011.

The third season started off with a bang! The group of Scions self-titled “Team Badass” was the group within the Astral Plane where the bomb went off. This stranded them in a place between life and death. Their companions on the Earth Plane made their way to save ’Team Badass," finding them in the midst of a Hellish Plane.

Upon escaping the Hellish Plane with ‘Team Badass,’ the Heroes found themselves in a 2012 Apocalypse. During which they were brought back to the ‘present’ by the Chaos Aspect and given Demi-godhood.

It was in the present they discovered that Fate itself was ending existence! The Heroes then allied with a former Mannequin by the name Pinocchio and traveled into the Storyworlds to stop Fate itself.


Main Article: Webisodes

The creator Brad Fox has promised that there will be several webisodes available for viewing throughout the Scion: Lions of War series. There is only one webisode in action at this moment, “The Obligatory Beach Episode.”

New and Existing Characters

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