Scion (Season 1)

Season 1 was a short season that consisted of 8 sessions that began on September 26th, 2009 and ended on April 24th, 2010. Every episode ran at 7 PM, with the exception of the 4th Episode, which ran at 2 PM.

A group of Scions (Children of Gods), team up to tackle compounding issues that threaten to swallow State College, PA whole. They battle Mannequins, a overgrown Fenris Pup, fiendish Succubi, and many others, while trying to save the lives of the innocents around them. During which, they come to the aid of their patron, the Nittany Lion and even help the trickster God, the Jack. Their greatest challenge comes from within, as they go up against the predatory Skin Walkers.


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In this table, the number in the first column refers to the episode’s number within the entire series, whereas the number in the second column indicates the episode’s number within this particular season.

No. # Title Written By Starring Co-Stars Air-Date
1 1 “Pilot” B. Fox Charlotte, Hannah, Guido, Jezebelle Aryssa(fake), Bryce, Nittany-Lion September 26th, 2009
2 2 “Invasion of the Fuglies!” B. Fox Arienwyn, Charlotte, Hannah, Guido, Jezebelle, Meahb, Randal, Takashi Aryssa(fake), Brian, Bryce, Mouse October 11th, 2009
3 3 “The Halloween Special” B. Fox, J. Antoline Ammon, Charlotte, Gilgamesh, Guido, Hannah, Meahb, Takashi Guest Starring: Colin and Twiggy Brian, Mouse November 7th, 2009
4 4 “Ticket to the Carnivale of Carnage” B. Fox, J. Antoline Gilgamesh, Guido, Hannah, Larry, Meahb Bryce, the Jack December 12, 2009
5 5 “The One With Magical Strippers” B. Fox, J. Antoline Ammon, Arienwyn, Charlotte, Derrick Rose, Gilgamesh, Hannah, Jezebelle, Larry, Meahb, Randal, Xochitl, Zyanya
Guest Starring: Bran, Gideon, Nicole
Aryssa(fake), Bryce, Crystal January 30th, 2010
6 6 “Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In!” B. Fox, J. Antoline Arienwyn, Charlotte, Derrick Rose, Hannah, Jack Greyson, Jessica, Larry, Meahb, Randal, Xochitl Aryssa(fake), Aurora, Bryce,
Crystal, Mouse, Takashi
February 27th, 2010
7 7 “Dances With Skin Walkers” B. Fox, J. Antoline
Guest Writers: A. Assetto, I. Yucil
Arienwyn, Derrick Rose, Gilgamesh, Hannah, Jack Greyson, Jessica, Larry, Randal Running Bull March 27th, 2010
8 8 “The Final Countdown” B. Fox, J. Antoline Arienwyn, Charlotte, Derrick Rose, Guido, Hannah, Jack Greyson, Jessica, Jezebelle, John Henry, Larry, Meahb, Noel, Randal, Tanazaki, Thais, Xochitl Aryssa(fake), Bryce April 24th, 2010

Scion (Season 1)

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