The creator Brad Fox has promised that there will be several webisodes available for viewing throughout the Scion: Lions of War series. Webisodes are cannon in the Scion: Lions of War universe, and is done in the attempt to provide even more chances to develop characters and their relationships.


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In this table, the number in the first column refers to the episode’s number within the webisode series, whereas the number in the second column indicates the episode’s number within this particular webisode arc.

No. # Title Written By Starring Co-Stars Air-Date Special Features
1 1 “Jack’ed Off” B. Fox Cao Lien-hua, Derrick Rose, Emma, Jack Greyson, John Henry, Shiro Aiyana, Jynx, Michelle, Steven Walker Decemeber 15th, 2010 Watch This Episode Now
2 2 “My Undead Romance” B. Fox Ammon, CuCulainn, Derrick Rose, Emma, Jack Greyson, John Henry, Lien-hua, Shiro Duke, Frederick, Jynx, Michelle, Steven February 11th, 2011 Watch This Episode Now
3 3 “The People Vs. John Henry Harrison” B. Fox Ammon, Angelique, Emma, Jack Greyson, John Henry, Mac Aryssa, Bethany, Michelle February 22th, 2011
4 4 “The Obligatory Beach Episode” B. Fox Cowriter: C. Hayes Ammon, Aryssa, Jack Greyson, John Henry Shiro August 8th, 2011
5 5 “The Musical Webisode: The Return of Azazel” B. Fox Ammon, Hannah, Jack Greyson, Mac Azazel, Jynx November 3th, 2011


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